49 Inch lcd advertising player floor stand display

  • Support 1080P Full HD Video and picture.
  • Playing advertising program automatically and circular.
  • Optional for VGA Port, HDMI port.Compatible all formats.
  • Adopt an external power adapter to supply power,more safe and reliable.
  • Adopt hardened metal shell,antistatic,preventing magnetic strong interference.
  • Support key operation and IR remote control.
  • Screen Parameters
  • Motherboard Parameters
  • Screen size: 49″
  • Resolution: 1920 (RGB) x 1080 (FHD)
  • Display size: 1073.78 604 mm (H V)
  • Visual size: 1078.4 608.6 mm (H V)
  • Brightness (CD /m2) : 400 (Typ.)
  • Best Angle: full Angle
  • Visual Angle: 89/89/89/89 (Min.)(CR 10)
  • Point distance: 0.294mm (H) x 0.294mm (W)
  • Number of colors: 16.7M/1.07B, 68% [CIE1931]
  • Screen weight: 11.0kgs (Typ./Max.)
  • Refresh frequency: 60Hz
  • Signal system: 51 pins LVDS (2 ch, 8-bit), terminals
  • Supply voltage: 12.0V (Typ.)
  • Maximum rated: storage temperature: – 20 ~ 60 ° C temperature: 0 ~ 50 ° C
  • Screen type: LCD module, a-Si TFT-LCD.
  • Pixel configuration :RGB vertical bar
  • External dimensions :1096.2 632.5 29.6 mm (H V D)
  • Surface preparation: Haze (3%), Hard coating (1H)
  • Rightness: 1000:1 (Typ.) [transmission]
  • Optical mode :IPS, often black display, transmission type
  • Response speed :6(Typ.)(G to G) ms
  • Backlight type :WLED, 50K hours, with LED driver
  • CPU RK3188, quad-core, 1.6GHz main frequency
  • The memory of 2 g
  • Built-in memory EMMC FLASH 8G/16/32(optional)
  • Built-in ROM 2KB EEPROM
  • The highest decoding resolution is 1080P
  • Operating system Android 4.4 or above
  • Play mode supports a variety of playback modes, such as loop, timing and interstitials
  • The network supports 3G, Ethernet, WiFi and wireless peripherals expansion
  • Video supports WMV, avi, FLV, rm, RMVB, mpeg, ts, mp4, etc
  • Image format support BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF
  • USB2.0 interface 3 USB hosts, 3 USB sockets
  • 3 serial socket
  • TVIn CVBS input 2, support N, P system
  • GPS built-in GPS (optional)
  • WIFI, BT built-in WIFI, BT (optional)
  • 3G built-in WCDMA, EVDO (optional)
  • 1 Ethernet, 10M/100M adaptive Ethernet
  • SD card is compatible with SD and TF card
  • VGA output 1, support 1080P output
  • LVDS output 1 dual channel, can directly drive the 50/60hz LCD screen
  • HDMI output 1, support 1080P output
  • Audio and video output support left and right channel output, built-in dual 4R/20W, 8R/10W power amplifier
  • RTC real-time clock support
  • Timing switch machine support
  • System upgrade support USB upgrade, network upgrad

Round corner design Concise and generous

LG original screen, HD long life time

Double protection, Body with safety lock

Brushed metal, Anti-static, Anti-rust

Triangular bottom, fixed with screws

Heat dissipation hole, Cooling, dustproof

Various interfaces, USB, SD card, HDMI, Lan

High quality speaker, Loud and clear