21.5 Inch windows touch screen lcd advertising totem

  • Adopt hardened metal shell,antistatic,preventing magnetic strong interference.
  • With 3mm thickness tempered glass as protection layer against the surface of LCD screen.
  • Adopt newest A+LCD screen,high contrast ration,high brightness,last longer and work better.
  • Optional for VGA Port, HDMI port.Compatible all formats.
  • Screen Parameters
  • Motherboard Parameters
  • Screen size: 21.5″
  • Resolution: 1920 (RGBW) x 1080 [UHD]
  • Display size: 476.64(horizontal) x 268.11(vertical) mm
  • Visible size: 479.84(horizontal) x 271.31(vertical) mm
  • Brightness (CD /m2) : 350 (Typ.)
  • Best Angle: full Angle
  • Visual Angle: 89/89/89/89 (Min.)(CR 10)
  • Distance: x0.2475 0.0825 mm
  • Number of colors: 16.7m, 72% (CIE1931)
  • Screen weight: 1.67kgs (Typ.)
  • Refresh frequency: 60Hz
  • Signal system: 30 pins LVDS (2 ch, 8-bit), terminals
  • Supply voltage: 5.0v (Typ.)
  • Maximum rated: storage temperature: – 20 ~ 60 ° C temperature: 0 ~ 50 ° C
  • Screen type: LCD module, a-Si TFT-LCD
  • Pixel configuration :RGBW vertical bar
  • External dimensions :495.6(horizontal) x 292.2(vertical) x 11.1(thick) mm
  • Surface preparation: Haze (1%), Hard coating (3H)
  • Rightness: 1000:1 (Typ.) [transmission]
  • Optical mode :TN, often black display, transmission type
  • Response speed :13/5 (Typ.)(Tr/Td) ms
  • Backlight type :WLED [17S4P], 30K hours, no drive
  • Mini-ITX frame, 170mm*170mm
  • Thickness :18mm audio interface
  • Integrated Realtek ALC662 HD digital audio decoder
  • Support for line-out, mic-in interface, equipped with front pin pin.
  • Onboard 5W amplifier, support Spdif fiber output
The processor
  • Celeron 1037U, 1.8g binuclear. Low power consumption, fast running speed.
  • Processor integrated display core and memory controller. The I/O extension
    7*USB, high-speed USB2.0 controller, 480Mbps speed. 2*RS232 COM,6COM optional, RS485 optional.
  • Standard pins for on-board print ports.
  • 1037U+HM76 high speed chipset system monitor/watchdog
  • Support CPU temperature detection, fan speed, system temperature.
  • Watch Dog programming is supported.
  • Support DDR3 generation 1333/1600 memory (2G memory on board, optional) extended bus
  • 2* mini-pcie expansion slot, support bluetooth, WIFI, 3G, MSATA
Display interface
  • Integrated HD Graphic display core, support dynamic memory allocation (DVMT), support HDMI, VGA. Built in dual channel 24bit LVDS row pin, support dual screen display.
  • Video memory maximum 512 MB. Runtime environment
  • Power supply: DC12V power